Ianemta – the sound of the park


The performance ‘ianemta – the sounds of the park’ is a new proposal regarding chamber music, which combines contemporary means with tranditional forms creating a unique language. The special guitar-piano duo in addition to visual material as well as electronic and pre-recorded sounds narrate in an abstract way stories that take place during a day in the imaginary park ianemta.

Tasos Rosopoulos | idea, project design, original music, transformations, sound material
Konstantis Frangopoulos | project design, direction, visual material
Korina Vougiouka | guitar
Thodoris Tzovanakis | piano
Savina Yannatou | recorded vocals
Tasos Bakasietas | sound engineering, recordings, sound editing

The poem ‘Down by the salley gardens’ by W.B.Yeats is translated into Greek by Giorgos Koropoulis 

Down by the salley gardens my love and I did meet;
She passed the salley gardens with little snow-white feet.
She bid me take love easy, as the leaves grow on the tree;
But I, being young and foolish, with her would not agree.

W.B.Yeats, abstract from “ Down by the Salley Gardens” 

The Contract

Ianemta, aka the park of our desire. Our own imaginary park. In a walk, between the grass and the sky, the audience finds itself in a ‘surprise’ concert. Ianemta is not just a place full of trees and flowers but an area which hosts and frames its visitors’ sociability,that allows their thoughts and emotions to come to the surface giving them the opportunity to express their love, their loneliness or even their violent side.  It is the natural place in which everyone can feel free to get in touch with other people in their own way. The main role in this narration of the park’s microcosmos is played  by music. The outstanding guitar-piano duo of Korina Vougiouka and Thodoris Tzovanakis interprets original music as well as transcriptions by Tasos Rosopoulos especially composed for this performance. Ianemta’s musical structure is highlighted by special lighting as well as video projections under the direction of the young award-winning director Kostantinos Frangopoulos. Electronic and pre-recorded surrounding sounds ‘embrace’ the audience and lead the spectators to the park of their desire…Lighting, visual material, fragmentary narration and merging sounds, extend the purely audible-acoustic hypostasis of the music interpreted on the stage and enrich it with further  dimensions; subtle sides hidden in human relationships, habits and emotions are underlined. Short stories which take place during a day in Ianemta. Under the shadows of the trees and the afternoon that passes by, simple casual moments and memories take their own special place. The unexpected and the unforeseeable release what reason would contain. Is this park a place where all of us can be? The night comes…What will this walk leave behind and when will the light come again?

Korina Vougiouka                                                                       Thodoris Tzovanakis

_MG_5431        _MG_5393

frame from ianemta’s visual

Picture 1

‘Ianemta’ was premiered at Onassis Cultural Centre 14th and 15th of May 2011.

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